CurrentLab People

people-patton Dr. Ryan M. Patton, Director
Dr. Patton taught high school art in the South Bronx from 2003 – 2006 and animation & game design with the Smithsonian Summer Associates from 2001-2011 . As part of his research in digital art education, Dr. Patton co-created an augmented reality game called CitySneak which explores disrupting conventions of public space and surveillance with smart phone devices. He also designed and produced a set of modular electronic switches intended for youth to design video game controllers. Website
people-luke Luke Meeken, Instructor & Lead Curriculum Designer
Luke is an artist, educator and researcher with a BFA from Carnegie Mellon University, and an MAE in Art Education from Virginia Commonwealth University.  His research interests include digital media and programming in art education, early childhood art education, and the relationship between art education and the development of empathy. Luke has developed and taught game-making, creative coding, and green-screen video courses for elementary and secondary learners, and has worked with students in Prague, Czech Republic and Moscow, Russia. Luke is a founding member of Voke, an on-line platform for visualized art education research by emerging practitioners. Website
people-kc Meredith Cosier, Instructor & Curriculum Designer
Meredith teaches K-6 Fine Art and STEAM integrated Art Lab in Fairfax County Public Schools. She also teaches Video Game Design and Maker’s Education camps with the Smithsonian Summer Associates. Meredith graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with BFAs in Painting & Printmaking and Art Education. She has 10 years of experience working with students ages 3-18. Website
people-erika Erika Ogier, Instructor & Curriculum Designer
In addition to co-developing curricular modules as a member of CurrentLab, Erika has taught new media art and video games to students at elementary and secondary levels, as well as to undergraduate pre-service art instructors at Virginia Commonwealth University. Through her participation in the Performing Statistics project, Erika’s teaching practice has extended beyond traditional class room and summer camp environments to engage with Richmond, VA’s incarcerated population. Erika completed her masters studies at VCU in Fall 2015.Website
people-jazzy Jasmine Fountain, Instructor
Jasmine has taught video games since 2012 in after-school and summer programs. In 2013 Jasmine taught and studied in Guatemala, graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University in the Fall of 2014. She now is an art teacher in Virginia Beach, VA. Website
people-haley Haley Garvis, Instructor
Haley has taught games and interactive digital media since 2014, both inside and outside of traditional arts classroom environments. Haley involves interactive sound art in her own creative practice, and completed her BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University in Spring 2015, majoring in sculpture and art education, with a minor in art history. Website
people-mj MaryJo McCoy, Instructor
MaryJo has taught video games since 2013 in after-school and summer programs. MaryJo has also been involved in PhotoVoice and animation projects with students. MaryJo has a degree in Communication Arts and completed her degree in Art Education from Virginia Commonwealth University in the fall of 2014. Website
Angela Corpuz, Research Assistant
Angela is a technology instructor at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Angela previously studied Graphic Design and Marketing at Old Dominion University and is currently seeking a Master’s in Art Education from Virginia Commonwealth University. Website